WARNING AGAINST the crucifixion of Caleb! Urgent Intercession Needed!

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Please pray Ezra Caleb will see the danger around him and hear the prayers of his spiritual children. In a prophetic daughters dream (below), fallen angels don’t care if a human body goes to prison, the devil would have accomplished his purpose and that would be killing him before he can do a repenting video and he would go to hell. This is NOT a joke. No one places a man-sized cross propped up behind a couch in a living room. They have written nothing but death threats!

Jason Benn
Donovan Todd
Christina Gunther
Shengya Pu
Tatiana Harvey Williams/
Tatiana Cameron
Rickey Williams
Stephen William Rossi
Scott Cameron
Darnell Clark
Armando Garcia
Adriel Brown (From Australia)
Goran Bundic (From Serbia)


Have all sent death curses against me, AMIGHTYWIND Ministry and all the AMIGHTYWIND Congregation!

Urgent Notice to Caleb, I know you are reading this. I have never lied to you. Your life is in danger! Even the kisses hold occult power. The devil mocks you to give you the illusion. The men and women who once loved you and me are truly reprobate and full of hate for you and have built you up to think you’re a God. Come out of agreement with this! Rebuke all their lies! Rebuke satan’s lie that was told at Genesis that was given, to eat of the fruit of good and evil, rebuke the evil that comes from the dark kabala!

It is mind control they have on you mixed with the deepest form of the occult and all various ways. I have been trying to break the MK Ultra mind programming, even coming from the satellite to your brain and this is making you a target. It was there when you were in California. This is where the manifestation began and how much you hated your wife was programmed in your brain of the evil thoughts and intentions.

YAHUSHUA can forgive you for all of that, but not if you die on that cross as a mockery of who YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH really is. Ezra look at this burning cross. Why do you think Jason Benn would put that on his Facebook? Why do you think the spikes are showing. Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up in YAHUSHUA! Wake up!

Don’t allow any of them to touch you! They are going to poison you either with food or by injection. YAHUSHUA told me to listen to the mouths of babes and out of the mouth of babes they had dreams about you nearly every night. I have done all that I can do to show you how much I love you. The congregation of AMIGHTYWIND want to see you and I minister side by side again. They are not just calling you back alone, but you will not be put in a co-leader position until you are trusted as one and trusted as my husband again.

YAHUSHUA said that with every tear that has fallen from all the videos are not in vain, and there is only a set time during this time of Shavuot and I will tell you it is in the month of June, I must remove all of this. Because if you do this repenting, going back to basics with the salvation prayer publicly, in video sent to me, you know how to reach me but at the same time you need to make a private video to me and make a public repenting video. For you terrorised over 100,000 people with a false prophecy.

Caleb there will be no need of any rebuking videos of you anymore. There will be no need for Caleb come back videos anymore because you would have come back. Not only into AMIGHTYWIND congregation’s love, where they will celebrate, and YAHUSHUA would have redeemed everything. The love that we have for one another will be greater and the love you have for YAHUSHUA will be greater. For ABBA YAHUVEH YAHUSHUA and the RUACH HA KODESH would be greater.

You must do a repenting video before all on the internet. You tried to lead people to a false goddess that I mockingly call false goddess of urine. You added it to the trinity, a 4th godhead. Literally the meaning is a component of urine.

Erez Yotam, these are not your thoughts, you need to be delivered, cry out in that repenting video that people will pray that you get delivered from all these demons that drove you to get these evil things done and all that you are doing.

Caleb this is your Libby. There is a banner up. I want you to look at every object as a reminder to you. For every one was a loving gift from you, and I am doing what I said I would do when you asked me to take care of your heart. Run away from that house. Don’t even let them speak to you. We have all been battling for your soul and your life, but if you don’t battle back, this is your last chance and you are a toe away from blasphemy.

Jason Benn, put that flaming cross there. Only the most evil would do this. The KKK would do this only when someone was going to be murdered. I prophesied, I warned you. I want you to live and not die! My love for you is greater than any sin you have committed once I see the tears, once i see you humbled with no more arrogance and pride weeping and wailing in front of the camera showing your face and I will discern the reality.

Now YAHUSHUA can really do for you what HE did for the man with a legion of demons in the cemetery. They were immediately cast out and he was in a sane mind again. For the demon of insanity has come upon you. You will see the evil for what it really is and see their masks and see that these are fallen angles that have entered their bodies and even those who no longer live there still control you.

Listen to these babies dreams. Don’t touch that cross, the only way your going to touch it is with a hammer to destroy it so that spiritual leprosy won’t come on you. If they try to stop you start swinging the hammer. Remember you are were in the highest Israeli army, now its time for you to do battle. Its time once again for you to listen to your prophetic wife who has not prophesied falsely not one time. Everyone there has falsely prophesied and none of them has come to pass! They want to make sure they give you a prophecy without any words and that is that burning cross, and that it will be done to you the moment they think they have really lost control of you.

Caleb CRUCIFIXION Plan Urgent Warning! Will you let it happen Ezra, Erez Yotam?

My Caleb, for the sake of your soul, make that confession repenting video. Do not delay and get it out there in the public. You know there is many ways to do it, just make the video, send it to Dominick, send it to me, send it to Gracie send it to Syl, send it to TG. satan wants you dead! satan comes to steal, kill and destroy and he wants to make sure you die as an unholy man. You will never return under your own terms. You will only return to me and this ministry and to YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH. With ABBA YAHUVEH YAHUSHUA and the RUACH HA KODESH IMMAYAH’S will that is to be done in our life on this earth, as it is done in HEAVEN.

Caleb I have taken care of your heart here:

How have you taken care of my heart? I have taken care of your symbols of the heart and notice the wedding ring and the holy trinity bracelet? You do not see 4 strands in that bracelet. There is no Quad! Repent, confess! Turn away from the evil. Even if you were to die after all of this, I would know that you would be in Heaven. Do not eat the food that they cook for you! Get out of there! No possession in that house is worth your life! Everything in that house is cursed! YAHUVEH will destroy that ranch with fire and the fire of that ranch will consume them, all 22 that were in that kabala picture. Like the fallen angels that Enoch mentioned, they have entered into reprobate souls!

If you do not believe me look at the flaming cross from Jason been, your Avi’chai. Ask yourself, why would he put this picture on Facebook? Do you see the whoredom? What happened to her modesty, that Trashiana? You were deceived! She leaves her trashy pictures online and Rickey allows it. Wake up!


AMIGHTYWIND congregation, the true YDS around this world, even the little babies of this ministry have cried out to the Caleb that they knew. Only I want a brand new Caleb who is delivered of the demons of arrogance and pride, rebellion, lying and deceiving demons, untrustworthy, idolatry and betrayal. I am not going to name them all. In the name of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, I will not list them all here. YAHUSHUA’s one clean sweep can plunge you under the blood of yAHUSHUA and you will be clean again of every sin that is in Israel right now.

Remember Caleb, you’re in the deepest darkest swamp water right now. Remember the vision that was given to me with a warning YAHUSHUA said? If anyone of us sinks into that green swamp water, and its so thick you can’t see your way to the surface, be it the husband or the wife, in the name of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, we are to dive clear under and we would find the one who was drowning in the swamp water and then push them to the surface.

That is not just I, but everyone who loves you in AMIGHTYWIND congregation are trying to do now, is bring you to the surface so you will stop drowning in the evil and the illusion that you have believed and even took part in. Come back to the AMIGHTYWIND Ministry and to a loving wife, so you can breathe the true living water again and you will know that you are nothing more than dust and that there is no god in you. You will remember the words YAHUSHUA said. “I am the only way, truth and the life, to get to the FATHER you must go through ME the son YAHUSHUA.” It is only throough his name and his blood that anyone can see YAH [John 14:6].

This is Shavuot. [when this was written] This is the time that YAHUVEH gave the 10 torah laws Moshe as a gift to the people. A command from Heaven. This is Shavuot/Pentecost, when a gift given to the 120 assembled in the upper room, is in everyone who is blood bought and blood washed, forgiven, by the blood and the name of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH. The RUACH HA KODESH/HOLY SPIRIT came to live within all of our temples, our bodies, the sweet RUACH HA KODESH, our IMMAYAH is the one who convicts us when we have done wrong, when we have sinned, fills us to over flowing even with the holy gift of Heavenly tongues.

Christina Gunther has demonic tongues all of them do that surround you. They no longer are human, they wear a mask to deceive you.

Shavuot is a time when YAHUSHUA gave us the RUACH HA KODESH so we would have the comforter and the anointing from Heaven, living in people who worship and accept the blood atonement for our sins. For no one is perfect except YAHUSHUA. You must repent for allowing anyone to compare you to YAHUSHUA. You must repent for allowing anyone to write that you are the “son of glory.” You must realise that these are demons who have controlled your mind and given you visions to take your soul to hell. You must remember the Shema. The Shema is not a quad. You must ask in a public confession and repentance for adding to the HOLY TRINITY something so filthy.

The name of it means the component of urine and a false greek goddess. Take a look at that cross, its burning and Jason Benn put it on his Facebook to give you that warning. If you don’t see it, they knew those over there would do it at some surprised moment, you would burn at that cross, but first they will do to you what Shengya Pu spoke of:

Your one and only Elisheva Eliyahu, the one you call Libi and remember the name Sweet Pea! With love and prayers from the AMIGHTYWIND Ministry Congregation. Remember you were called to be a co-leader on June 12 2016 with a prophecy on Shavuot “I YAHUVEH dare you to reject the new male co-leader.” You were such a blessing to this ministry. In four months time, YAHUVEH promoted you and said you were trustworthy. YAHUVEH commanded us to celebrate for 7 days for now there was a male balance to this ministry. His name was Caleb. It is your choice whether or not we get to celebrate again. As with that video we will know that you have come out of agreement with satan’s lies. So YAHUSHUA can deliver you. To cast those demons out.

Please pack up everything that you have tonight and run, get in that truck and run!

First get Stephen to sign that truck over to you in your name. Do not even allow anyone in that house to speak to you. Throw the anniversary plate at their head.

I had this vision and had an animation created. Every animation you see, of visions to break the programming off of you, the mind programming worse than MK Ultra. Do you really think YAHUVEH YAHUSHUA and the sweet RUACH HA KODESH would tell me to die? To go in a coma? Plagues? Hell?

 The Holy sacred names of YAHUVEH YAHUSHUA IMMAYAH, HOLY TRINITY would call me the devil’s wife? The anti-christ’s wife, and fornicator of the beast and that I am only worthy of death and destruction and allow disease to consume me? And that I and all at AMIGHTYWIND Ministry was suppose to die on passover because we refuse to believe your lying prophecy?

Prove to me that Caleb has been resurrected. My dearest Caleb, rebuke, come out of agreement with satan. You are not a God. No one on this earth is a god other than the one who rules it and he is a god of evil, his name is satan.

Start eating of the tree of good, and stop eating of the tree of evil. Do this repentance and confession weeping video, show your face. For every tear drop that falls is deliverance from the demons, this is a thus saith YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH!

Keep looking at the burning cross Erez yotam, keep looking at the burning cross Yotam Family, for you have not helped me at all. You have paid for his evil to continue and financially supported those that want to kill Erez Yotam, my Ezra Caleb. Israela, you are his sister I called for help, you have been no help at all. If your brother burns at that cross, you cannot say I didn’t warn you and that goes for the entire Yotam family!

Caleb CRUCIFIXION Plan Urgent Warning! Will you let it happen Ezra, Erez Yotam?

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